Thank you to everyone that gave and participated in our on-line auction!
Your auction dollars went far for kids in our community! All proceeds from the ReLife Auction went towards items to renovate our 5th-7th grade classroom at the ReLife School in Puyallup, which serves students grades 2-12 from King, Pierce, and Thurston Counties.

A little about ReLife - A Regional Center of Excellence

ReLife School is a program of Puget Sound Educational Service District designed to address the academic and behavioral needs of students (Grades 2 - 12) with significant social, emotional and behavioral disabilities.  The program employs a strong focus on the individual academic growth of students. Through efforts to improve our students’ executive functioning, attention to detail and social interactions, we engage students in appropriate study skills and assignment/project completion, resulting in their movement toward increased successful classroom experiences. We seek to create a safe and structured environment for students to learn skills and strategies for coping with the stresses of daily life and to replace inappropriate behavior with socially adaptive behavior. We do this through a combination of in-class lessons, modeling and reinforcement, individual, group, and family therapy and through individualized interventions. Our goal is to transition each student from the program to the larger world, be it their neighborhood school, a job site, or post-secondary education, with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate that world successfully.

If you have questions about the PCPC Rotary ReLife Auction, please contact Karyn Siegrist.
If you have questions about the PCPC Rotary ReLife Classroom Project, please contact Megan Schoor or Leigh Ann Stemm.