Posted on Jul 10, 2019
5:30 Social fellowship begins. 
5:50 a special treat in that King 5 news came on and highlighted the Relife School project and our very own Michelle was on there! Such a Rockstar!
6:00 President Jinnie rings the bell  for the last time
Adjourned at 
5:30 Social fellowship begins. 
5:50 a special treat in that King 5 news came on and highlighted the Relife School project and our very own Michelle was on there! Such a Rockstar!
6:00 President Jinnie rings the bell  for the last time
Past President Jennifer was slated to do the 4 Way test however President Jinnie decided to take the opportunity to stay at the podium a few seconds longer. 
President Jinnie thanks the current board of directors and committees and turns over the gavel to new President Tony. 

President Jinnie  swears in President Tony .... horray Congrats and welcome Tony!!! Thank you so much Jinnie for your year of hard work and dedication! 
President Tony gave Jinnie - two more awards this year.... Dedicated leader award and club representation award for our current area.  And a present for her hard work. 
Installation of New Board & Directors: 
Past President Jinnie Horan
President Elect Karyn Seigrist
Treasurer Terri Scott
Secretary Jennifer Wolbrecht
Service Projects Tanya Peila
Director at Large Helen McGovern -Pilant
President Tony gives us the history of the Rotary bell: 
History of the Rotary Bell
In 1922, U.S. Rotarians organized an attendance contest; the challenge was that the losing clubs would join in giving the winning club a prize. The Rotary Club of New York City was declared the winner and to them was awarded as a prize a bell from a popular patrol boat, which was placed on wood that came from HMS "Victory", Admiral Nelson's vessel at the battle of Trafalgar. 
Since then, the bell used in Rotary meetings started to represent, as on the ships, order, discipline and the time to guide us through the weekly hour and a half meetings. The bell informs us with its sound the beginning of the Rotary meeting, at which time people present should stand, same as at the end, in order to salute the national and Rotary flags. The gavel symbolizes the authority invested in the Rotarian elected to the highest position in Rotary, and through him, reminds those present of his authority. When presidents transmit their positions to their successors at the end of their mandate, they give the bell their last hit turning the gavel over to their successor, symbolizing the transfer of authority.
President Tony tells us about RI President Maloney and we all wish him luck. It's amazing that we have a RI president from the US! 
Our Foundation giving Goal this year is 100% club participation total of $4,700 to the Foundation and $600 to Polio Plus 
Assistant District Governor Jennifer Durham gave us an update on District 5020 upcoming Events.... 
Rotary Anniversaries: 
Sue Dahlin 3 years
Tanya Peila  1 year
Stephanie Schramm 17 years
Happy Birthday to our fierce Leos: 
Tyler York July 18th
Benjamin Warner July 25th
Stephanie Schramm July 26th
Jennifer Durham July 28th
PLEASE make sure you mark your calendar for District Governor Visit Joint Meeting with the Clover Park Club
August 14th 
Noon lunch
Carr's Restaurant 1106 Bridgeport Way in Lakewood
Our next meeting: 
Social at Roundtable Pizza on Pearl and 26th
July 24th 
Board meeting starts at 4pm
Social at 5pm 
Also in order for President Elect Karyn to be so someone needs to step up and take Club Admin off of her plate... she has this year to train you.... so lets do it : )
Committee updates
Jennifer Durham - Membership. Please bring a guest. We have been lucky gaining a lot of new members, GREAT new members.... keep it up PCPC! 
Tony Buhr - Foundation. Talked about how far our monies stretch and why it's SO worth giving. 
Tanya Peila  - Service Projects... Leanne gave update. We're on cloud 9 around the Relife project! 
Principal of Relife was present at our meeting to Thank us directly..... she's so very thankful... what an amazing partnership
 We will be doing our bowling fundraiser again in April, more details to come when we get closer
If you haven't already there's still time to sign up for volunteering at Camp Goodtimes.
Jennifer called out and Thanked Karyn for her hard work at Relife and putting together gift baskets for every teach and staff member.
Jennifer also said only ONE thing was missing at the Relife project..... hence the present for Michelle! 
President Tony announced a new club tradition when you're ready to give your $100 to Foundation you get to RING THE BELL to be recognized. 
Our 3 guest were introduced and all three are interested in joining us! GREAT start President Tony.